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We deeply appreciate your support and kindness. As you continue to read on, you'll discover more about Heather's courageous journey with cancer and how your invaluable assistance can make a difference in this crucial phase of her fight.

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On December 15th, 2021,

our lives changed forever when Heather was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer.

In the face of this daunting challenge, Heather's strength and resilience shone through. Just a week after her diagnosis, on December 22nd, she underwent a critical surgery to remove the cancer from her colon. After an intense 7 hours, we received the best news we could hope for – the surgeon had successfully removed all the cancer from her colon. This victory marked the beginning of Heather's recovery journey, filled with hope and determination.

Enduring the Battle:

Challenges & Strength

Two years have passed since that life-altering day, and Heather has faced over 30 chemo treatments and 5 rounds of radiation with incredible courage.

She has endured emotional and physical challenges, drawing strength from her family. Her children, especially her wise and understanding 11-year-old, Ryan, have been a source of realness and support. Heather's husband, Craig, has been an unwavering pillar of strength, offering comfort, patience, and love in every step of this journey.

Despite the celebrations of small victories along the way, recent medical updates have brought new challenges. The current chemotherapy is no longer effective, and Heather's medical team is exploring all options, including clinical trials and alternative treatments. The focus now turns to a promising treatment center in Mexico, which offers hope but comes with significant financial requirements.

the next step

Seeking Hope

In Mexico

As we enter the third year of this battle, our goal is to get Heather into the treatment center in Mexico.

The cost is substantial, upwards of $150,000 Canadian, and this is where we need your support. The GoFundMe campaign aims to cover these expenses, enabling Heather to access this critical treatment.

Heather's recent scans have shown mixed results, with some growth in her liver and minor changes in her lungs. The journey ahead includes exploring new drugs, potential clinical trials, and the treatment in Mexico. Despite these hurdles, Heather's spirit remains unbroken. She, along with her husband Craig, continue to hold onto hope and gratitude for each day.

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